Angela Lee

Angela Lee

Long Beach, CA, US


A Healing Garden project for Children's Hospital

This project required a lot of sensitivity to the users of the space.  Focusing mostly on families of patients, the design sought to create spaces where family members could feel separated from the events taking place within the hospital.  One of the first challenges was the road that ran between the hospital and the healing garden space.  Thinking about how distracting traffic noise could be, the edge of the healing garden is lined with a sound barrier - something I call "plant amphitheaters."  

The title of this design is "Equilibrium."  Inspired by the views of the nearby arboretum, the hospital and healing garden seemed to be like on the edge of an ocean of trees.  Pondering over how peaceful it would be to stand at a lapping shoreline, the theme of water and ripples inspired the layout of the design.  Ripples and waves also symbolically represent the emotional experience people may bring to the healing garden.  The garden thus uses curves and soft edges to allow people to reflect and feel comforted by the nature around them, hopefully quelling whatever anxieties they face and for a moment feel at rest. 

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Status: School Project