Angela Lee

Angela Lee

Long Beach, CA, US


A City of Trees - Detroit Lightrail Project

The City of Detroit is better known for its industrial past, but deeper in its history is a reputation for trees.  Detroit was first settled as "ribbon farms," with lines of farms stretching to the river.  In later times Detroit was known for its elm-lined neighborhood streets.  Now, Detroit is a city that has lost its industrial identity and livelihood and is looking for strategies to recreate itself.

A light rail system was proposed as a vehicle to redefine life in Detroit.  New transit infrastructure would give the City a chance to engage urban industry with environmental sustainability.  I designed a transit station which drew upon the inspiration that trees could help organize and unify the City.

A line of trees can make a powerful visual statement in landscape design.  The transit structures would work in tandem with trees so that stormwater runoff would be channeled from hardscape to vegetation.  The light rail system would serve many roles - it would transport people throughout the city, provide bioswales for water conservation efforts, and reduce the amount of asphalt on the excessively wide roads.

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Status: School Project