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Angad Warang

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Pedestrian Bridge - Forum Mall, Bangalore

Project Background
• The richness of all the t textures and layers of urban life can be
experienced only by walking through the city .
• Thus, urban infrastructure should be capable of providing
pedestrianized environments across the city.
• Apart from providing walk-ability there should also be safe passage
for the vehicular traffic without any hindrances or bottle-necks.
• Both the Indian pedestrian and vehicular traffic lack discipline and
thus shall be separated wisely and efficiently.
• BBMP came up with a public -private partnership to counter
this problem by joining hands with advertising agencies to build
pedestrian bridges with billboards.
• Locations with large footfall, often coupled with bus stops were
identified and commissioned to ad agencies, architects and
structural engineers to design the amalgamation of public service
and private funding.
My Role, Intent and Intervention
• To design a pedestrian bridge conforming to public safety,
convenience and the commercial requirements of the ad ag ency.
• To collaborate with structural engineer, fabricator,government
authorities and finish the project in stipulated time with minimum
hindrance to traffic.
• To add beauty and wonder to the simple activity of crossing a road
through a minimal, efficient design.

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Status: Built
Location: Bangalore, India
My Role: Project Architect for mayaPRAXIS Architects Bangalore, India
Additional Credits: mayaPRAXIS Architects Bangalore, India

Render/Actual Photograph
Render/Actual Photograph
Render/Actual Photograph
Render/Actual Photograph
model - fabrication exploration
model - fabrication exploration
model - fabrication exploration
model - fabrication exploration