Angad Warang

Angad Warang

Barcelona, ES

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Its Alive! - Pavilion, UIC Barcelona

Project Background
• 1995 - Alan Turing - What if Machines could think
• 2010 - Dennis Dollens - What if Buildings could think
• Building on this premise, the intention was to design a design
process that would design a design.
• An exploratory, investigative process that eventually generates a
design solution as its own opinion.
• Intelligence is an often disputed characteristic. What is it t o be
• Is it similar to be conscious? Is it similar to be intuitive? Or in the
more Turingistic way, is it similar to be self aware?
• The project presented here, is an intervention of these philosophical
ideas presented in the form of a design solution.
• The research project is an attempt to move away from the
computation of architecture towards the architecture of
My Role, Intent and Intervention
• To study homologies and their part in evolution. To study genotypes,
phenotypes and extended phenotypes.
• To program an algorithm that emulates a natural phenomenon, and
learns from homologies and phenotypes.
• To test the design in a real context, test the feasibility of
construction and structural stability.

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Status: School Project
Location: Barcelona, ES
My Role: Design Researcher - Metabolic Architecture Studio - UIC Barcelona, ES
Additional Credits: Dennis Dollens
UIC, Barcelona

model - fabrication exploration
model - fabrication exploration
model - fabrication exploration
model - fabrication exploration