Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez

Delray Beach, FL, US



After different historical events occurring after the destruction of WWII, the division, and reunification of Germany the City of Berlin is still trying to fill the gaps of its urban fabric and continuing with the effort to accommodate art collection dispersed in other galleries and archives. The new MUSEUM OF THE 20th CENTURY will be home to these art pieces. Allowing the development of urban design on the empty lot of Kulturforum connecting the iconic historical buildings of a significant cultural and architectural influence as Mies Van Der Rohe, Neue National Galerie, Kammermusiksaal- Philharmonic by Scharoun, and others. 

The new structure will be open to transversal circulation paths crossing the interior of the building with four entrances that are engaging direct access to the restaurant, shop, amphitheater, and traveling exhibition space located on the ground floor, and an underground path connecting the museum with the Neue National Gallery. These entrances are to remain open while the museum is closed for after-hours events: dinner, education, shop, and art events.

The program is organized by public and semi-public areas at the ground level, semi-private and private in the second level as well on the underground floor. The main stair connects the underground floor with the second floor, where the exhibition areas are placed, flexible space is granted to stage different exhibition adapting the room that best suits the art on display, and moves partitions to accommodate each exhibit best. The linear and simplified shape of the structure is influenced by Mies architecture in a new expression, the building employees a two- way roof structure along the perimeter on a column grid of reinforced concrete creating a sinewy atmosphere in contrast to the transparent facade and roof full of skylights that enable natural light to travel in the circulation halls from floor to floor. Light diffuser panels will act as solar filters in the exhibition rooms to protect the artwork from sunlight exposure and heat.

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, Germany