Andrea Rodriguez

Andrea Rodriguez

Delray Beach, FL, US


Hunters Point Community Market

The project site is located in the Bayview–Hunters Point neighborhood in the southeastern corner of San Francisco, bordering the San Francisco Bay. The goal is to fulfill the necessity of a creating a market selling fresh produce and goods to local residents and provide a resource center for the community, creating a sustainable concept of environmental design strategies, in order to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction, as well as the operations and activities, of the building.

The proposed Hunters Point Community Market building is approximately 28,000 SF in total area. The orientation of the building to the north and northeast, with an abundance of glazing, maximizes the availability of natural light. Moreover, the eastern, western, and southern faces are shaded by operable windows and wooden louvers to provide cross ventilation.

The structural frame is comprised of heavy timber, a renewable material, in its walls, columns, beams, and lateral bracing. The roof’s diagonal members act as trusses, mimicking a system of open web joists, together with corner braces, creating a sawtooth-shaped green roof and enhancing its thermal properties, with less energy consumption for heating or cooling, improved indoor air quality, and reduced rainwater to runoff.

The primary purpose of the finished project is to educate the community about sustainability, gardening, and nutrition, engaging the neighbors to improve the street life of sidewalks and urban gardens, and overall, bringing a better quality of life to Bayview residents.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US