andrea lombardo

andrea lombardo

Geneva, CH



Highly self-motivated designer, committed to pursuing a long term carreer in academic and freelance field. Offer 5 years from artistic high school, plus 5 years of academic demonstrating wide range interests, and efforts to gain skills and experience to cope with them. The pleasure, beyond the skill, of teamworking, with leadership attitude and strong problem solving capability, whether they are human or technical related. I spoke 5 languages (Italian, english, french, german, spanish). Took a second master degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture to develop technologies knowledge in Barcelona. Actually working in Switzerland since 2017 in sustainable and smart buildings.



group8, Geneva, CH, Architect - Intern

I am doing an internship to validate a second master (Advanced Studies in Architecture MBArch-Barcelona Tech) that I am doing in Barcelona. I am working in residential project, urban spaces and commercial.

May 2017 - current

Landarq, Barcelona, ES, Project Architect

I worked for several projects as residential buildings, apartments (SD,DD,CDs), for a youth center (DD,CDs) all around Barcelona.

Jun 2016 - Apr 2017

Shigeru Ban Architects, Tokyo, JP, architect

I worked for several projects as a competition in Tokyo (DD) and a residential house (CDs): I participated also for a project in the Biennale of Venice.

Jan 2016 - Apr 2016

Landarq, Barcelona, ES, architect

I worked for several projects as a solution facade (CDs) for novo and ex-novo building (CDs) as curtain wall and for an urban project (SD-DD) as a square in the center of Barcelona

May 2015 - Dec 2015

GMA Architects, Torino, IT, architect

I worked for a restoration of a classic italian building close Milan and for the international competition “Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition” (SD) where I did above all the drawings and part of the general concept.

May 2014 - Jul 2014

Architectes urbanistes Valentiny & Associes, Liège, BE, designer

Collaboration with the Santiago Calatrava LLC for the restaurant furnishing (CDs) in the Liège Guillemins TGV Station, Belgium.

Sep 2012 - Dec 2012


UPC Barcelona ETSAB, Barcelona, ES, Masters, Master in Advanced Studies in Architecture

The aim of the master's degree in Advanced Studies in Architecture-Barcelona (MBArch) is to train students in research, innovation and contemporary architectural design in a manner that is flexible and directed towards a specialisation. With an emphasis on expertise, erudition, tradition and professional practice, the Barcelona School of Architecture offers a comprehensive approach to a professional or teaching career in architecture.

My specialization, in Technological Innovation in Architecture, is to provide expertise in technological innovation and advanced knowledge and technical skills that can be applied to design and in teams working on research and innovation. Materials are changing very fast and today there are many new materials that architects do not know. A good knowledge is necessary for a new sustainable architecture.

Sep 2016 - Sep 2017

Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, Turin, IT, MArch, Sustainable Architecture

The programme aims to provide all the cognitive tools necessary for an architect who will be in a position to manage entire design/planning processes with a focus on sustainability, interacting with other professionals involved and coordinating input.
It is divided into five multidisciplinary design ateliers, elective courses, internship activities and final thesis, focusing on integrating the various disciplines that make up the plan of studies. The multidisciplinary ateliers, through projects on appropriately defined issues, integrate different disciplines and expertise with a focus on project sustainability.
The Master programme in Sustainable Architecture is organised in four semesters, the last of which will be entirely dedicated to training and preparation of the dissertation (final exam).
The five ateliers, which take place in the 2 semesters of the first year and first semester of the second year, are designed to address in succession and at different scales of intervention the various themes that contribute to the design process:
- restoration of architectural assets, with a focus on knowledge and skills related to planning, conservation, refunctionalisation, management and promotion of architectural assets;
- urban planning, with a focus on expertise in strategies for organisation and management of territorial transformation processes and their social implications;
- architectural design, centred on competences in the aesthetic, distributive, functional, structural, technical-constructive, managerial, economic, social and environmental issues entailed in solving complex architectural problems, and critical skills regarding cultural changes and the needs expressed by contemporary society;
- design of building/plant systems, with a focus on expertise in materials and building and plant technologies and systems, as well as strategies for energetic-environmental optimization;
- financial assessment of design projects, with a focus on knowledge and expertise in issues of economic and financial feasibility of projects and organisation at professional, business and contractor level.
The training methodology involves the use of traditional and innovative cross-disciplinary tools, including workshops, integrated seminars and visits to professional firms. The last semester will include an internship to introduce students to the world of work, whether in the professional, administrative or building contexts, and preparation of the thesis under the supervision of an academic advisor

Sep 2012 - Dec 2014

Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, Turin, IT, BArch, Architecture for the Project

The main aim of the Degree is to train graduates who possess:

Adequate knowledge in the fields of history of architecture and construction, tools and forms of representation, methodological and operational aspects of mathematics and other basic sciences; and the ability to use this knowledge to interpret and describe the problems of architecture and construction;
Adequate knowledge of the methodological and operational aspects relating to the typical areas of the study course, and the ability to identify, formulate and solve problems of architecture and construction using different methods, techniques and tools;
Adequate knowledge of the aspects concerning the technical and economic feasibility, calculating the costs and the process of production and realization, of architectural and building designs , as well as aspects related to their safety;
Ability to use the techniques and tools of architectural design and construction;
Ability to communicate effectively in written and oral form, in at least one European Union language, other than Italian.

Sep 2008 - Sep 2012


Cesare Pozzo, Scholarship

Scholarship for the best graduation in the master degree


Erasmus Progect LLP, Scholarship

Scholarship for study one year abroad in Hamburg, Germany.


Areas of Specialization