Andrea De Maria y Campos

Andrea De Maria y Campos

Austin, TX, US


Living room and study Furniture

My last proyect is this living room and study.

Where I had participation in all customer and client meetings, understand their needs, amount of space, functions that the furniture will have (including joinery, mobility, lightning and hardware), recommend styles and types of wood depending on client resources and tastes, show samples of finishes to choose from, present draft with an AutoCAD render.

I was the responsible for project management, coordination, drafting, material purchases, scheduling, coordinate delivery times and freight, estimating commercial value by breaking down labor hours and material costs and fixed costs such as rent, salary and corporate accounting, accountable for client billing, having relationships with sellers and distributors, creating a more detailed design on AutoCAD and go over it with the employees to have full understanding of the design in a 3D view, implementating and regulating of safety measurement and the marketing strategy- via social media IG account link

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Status: Built
Location: México Distrito Federal, MX
My Role: Designer, builder, team leader, client contact point.