Anahita Aliasgarian

Anahita Aliasgarian

New York, NY, US


Cycling and Social Cohesion

The project was based on an inter-disciplinary research on contemporary urban agglomerations, through the ecologies of human, natural and artificial systems that constitute  them  within the identified context of the Netherlands. 

The research concluded strategies for the deployment of sensor networks that responsively engage the socio-cultural urban setting, in order to address social and environmental changes.

The proposed system enables bicycles to become the media to display the user generative data to communicate similarities between cyclists sharing the road. The system includes an application that records the cyclists’ mobility pattern during the day. The application works in conjunction with a device mounted on the bicycle wheels that lets the user generated data to be downloaded on the bike.  As the cyclists pass one another, their bikes compare profile and the wheels change color indicating the shared mobility pattern. 

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Status: Built
Location: Amsterdam, NL
My Role: Designer