Anahita Aliasgarian

Anahita Aliasgarian

New York, NY, US


Auditory Augmented Space - Master's Thesis Project

Seeking  to  question  the  over-reliance  of  designing  space  based  on  the arrangement  of  visual elements,  this  study  intends  to  emphasize sound  as  the  primary  medium  for  spatial  creation. While space  is  inherently  mute  without  activity,  human  interaction  with  space  encompasses  often  neglected aural qualities that embody the material and geometrical features of space. We can hear architecture by the way that the space changes a sound’s spectrum intensity, and temporal sequence.

This thesis is concerned with research in the fields of auditory spatial perception, physical material and audio signal processing. A set of experiments are developed to study the effects  a  space  produces  on  activator sounds capturing  and  controlling  the  inherent  resonances  of different  materials  caused  by  haptic  interaction.    The  final  outcome  is  an  installation  that  offers  an audio-tactile  experience  through  an  acoustically  responsive  platform  with the  desire  to  provide  the visitors with an altered spatial perception that is audible.

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Status: School Project
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Designer