Almudena Rodríguez Hortigüela

Almudena Rodríguez Hortigüela

Madrid, ES


Transport Interchange in Callao Square

Sited on Madrid downtown, the new station in Callao square links all public transport facilities in the city: subway, buses and cable car. It is designed to preserve the existing public plaza while taking advantage of its strategic position in town.
The aim of the project is to connect the present public activities and complement them by parasitizing the existing buildings which line the square. This strategy allows linking the cable car and underground station without occupying any space in the square. Three light, glazed boxes rise on the top of the most representative buildings: Fnac, Callao cinema and Allianz building. They are join by three jutting out beams support by a steel structure that reinforces the existing one.
The cable car station overlooks Madrid both from the boxes and the beams. The library, the cafeteria and the station, support the present shopping centre and cinema from the boxes. The beams work as lively corridors that hold vertical connections between boxes as well as exhibition spaces and secondary activities. The way down to the street and subway is designed enlarging the existing lifts and staircases in the buildings.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, ES