Almudena Rodríguez Hortigüela

Almudena Rodríguez Hortigüela

Madrid, ES


Tea Pavillion

The pavilion draws inspiration from the existing pedestrian routes at the surroundings. Rooted in the southwestern slope of Jardims do Palacio de Cristal, it is designed to enjoy the park while following an introvert promenade. The original park design obeys the strategies of English landscape gardening. Its attractiveness are the lush vegetation, the views of Douro river and several pavilions set on the top of the mountain. The streets down the hill represent the traditional picture of Porto. They flow narrow between buildings, up and down the hills.
The pavilion is carved into the mountainside beneath the existing corniche, drawing a wavy, open path. It connects a genuine track to the stairs of stone that go down to the old streets. As it is built underground, it looks hidden from the outside.
The structure is based on COR-TEN steel strips. All together work as a retaining wall shaping the perimeter. This wall adapts to the slope so as the way is going down, the promenade buries into the hill. Some other strips form enclosures that follow the path. They conceal the space for tea, conceived as small, open rooms.  Depending on the orientation of the strips, each space has a different character and content. Halfway the pavilion blends making a common, little plaza overlooking the opposite bank of Douro river.

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Status: School Project
Location: Porto, PT