M. Ali Haddad

M. Ali Haddad

Mission Viejo, CA, US



I'm an architect with post graduate studies in urban planning, and comprehensive background in the field of leading, initiating, designing, and developing urban and architectural roles. Through post-graduate studies in Urban Planning Department, in addition to my practical experience with mid and large urban project in Syria and Saudi Arabia. The most important practical experience I gain is through my participation in mid and large urban project in Saudi Arabia, where I successfully have led my team in many mega projects.
On the other hand, through working and cooperating with international expertise and consultants(specially U.S.), I have extensive knowledge with international codes, especially ICCs codes.
On the other hand I'm a certified LEED credential as a Green Associate, and I'm seriously preparing to be Accredited Professional in BD+C and ND.



Yasser Hejazi Consulting Engineers, Jeddah, SA, Architect / Urban Planner

• Undertake urban planning and design within several giants projects
•Coordinate with other disciplines
• Analytical and research tasks in urban policies
• Prepare technical reports for new bids
• Design review for urban projects
• Social and urban surveying
• Contribute with architectural team in developing initial architectural concepts

Mar 2012 - Feb 2014

University of Aleppo – Faculty of Architecture, Aleppo, SY, Assistant Lecturer

Assistant lecturer in the following classes:
• Cities Planning
• Building Rehabilitation.
• Environment & Sustainable Development

Oct 2009 - Feb 2012

Houly & Hammaida Consulting, Aleppo, SY, Architect / Urban Planner

Managing the urban planning projects, and to find urban solutions which support sustainability within the urban design and the architectural design.
Key projects:
• Souk Al Hal Project (Regional Grand Market) (Aleppo).
• Forgotten Cities residential project (Aleppo)
• Al Sendian Hotel (Homs).

Oct 2008 - Feb 2012

Void’n Mass for Construction & Interior, Aleppo, SY, Architect

Interior designer, architectural elevations designer, I worked hardly to get the necessary experience to be a distinct architect, in addition to executive tasks in the site.

Aug 2006 - Sep 2008

Solar Architecture Unit, Aleppo, SY, Architect

Under the supervision of PhD. Mohammad Najeeb Kayali I finished my training by joining the architectural team to find architectural solution for giant projects in Aleppo city

Apr 2005 - Aug 2005


University of Aleppo, Aleppo, SY, MArch, Urbn Planning

1. Sustainable development
Weekly hours: (2) theoretical, (2) practical

Course description:
Including number of main axes which reflects sustainable development importance into architecture and planning through:
- First Axis: Principles of sustainable development (The emergence of the concept of sustainable development, definition, and indicators)
- Second Axis: Sustainable urban development (the relation of the urban environment and sustainability, urban sustainability main concepts and indicators, study of some strategies in implementing sustainable urban development).
- Third Axis: Implementing urban strategies that deliver city's environmental development.
- Fourth Axis: Fundamental principles of sustainable residential design.
- Fifth Axis: Recent trends of sustainable architecture and eco house.
- Sixth Axis: Sustainable development and sustainable urban development in Syria.

2. Regional planning:
Weekly hours: (2) theoretical, (2) practical

Course description:
- Fundamental understanding of regional planning (region concepts and identifying, types of regions which cities could be in, regional decentralization)
- Steps of regional planning study:
- Natural survey: methods and techniques
- Urban survey: uses of region, urban agglomerations, land use of urban and suburban, sociology-economic survey, infrastructure, roads and facilities.
- Developing the region: economic development policies, social development plan, and urban development.
- Experiments and results in regional planning.

3. Environmental planning
Weekly hours: (2) theoretical, (2) practical

Course description:
- Fundamental understanding of environmental planning and its goals.
- Development and environmental planning.
- Factors affect the environmental planning: the natural elements, climate, vegetation, renewable energies, wastes, infrastructure, services... etc.
- Environmental planning strategies: urban and architectural environmental design, environmental management, environmental indicators of interiors, and health indicators.

4. Urban regulation
Weekly hours: (2) theoretical, (2) practical

Course description:
- Fundamental understanding of planning: an understanding of urban planning, levels and goals whether it's in the national comprehensive planning level or the regions and cities level.
- The understating of zoning.
- Urban planning and urban planner profession.
- Syrian planning principles.
- Urban development strategies.

5. Research methodologies and methods
Weekly hours: (2) theoretical, (2) practical

Course description:
This course considers as one of the most important courses, which could set the student on the right path to accomplish his dissertation by number of steps in research preparing through:
- Reinforcing the students by enhancing their abilities to find out a research problematic and doing their own researches based on their theoretical essential ideas and significant research methodologies in addition to number of references and data resources.
- Providing the opportunity to develop skills in scientific research by learning methods to design a research and how to achieve the results.
- Design the dissertation project according to logical, objective and scientific sequences, to be able to expose and explain the research's essential idea through results' analyzing, presentation techniques and constructive criticism.

Sep 2008 - current

University of Aleppo, Aleppo, SY, BArch, Architectural Engineering

Sep 2003 - Aug 2008

Areas of Specialization