Alban Denic

Alban Denic

New York, NY, US



Alban Denic is a creative designer active in Europe and North America with 3 years of experience in the design of multiple large scale complex projects. He has gained a wide international experience working for award-wining companies such as OMA, XTU Architects and Studio Link Arc LLC. Latest realizations include the China Pavilion in Milan EXPO 2015.

Along with a deep passion for architecture, Alban shares an eager interest in computing, techno-art, society and politic, management and urban design.
Alban hold a Master degree in Architecture from the National Superior Shool of Architecture of Versailles in which he studied for one year at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
During the past years he has lived across Europe (Paris, Rotterdam), for over 1 year in Chicago and more recently 2 years in New York.

Alban currently resides in New York City.



Studio Link-Arc, LLC, New York, NY, US, Intermediate Architect

• International design team working on complex geometry.
• Construction Drawing sets.
• China Pavilion EXPO customized drawing set of the roof system.
• Parametric model with Rhino and Grasshopper.
• Proficiency in mass data manipulation.
• Assisted the fabrication process of the Pavilion EXPO.

• China Pavilion, Milan EXPO, IT -- 4000m2 -- SD/DD/CD
• Garden Club House, Shenzhen Bay, CH -- 1500m2 -- SD/DD
• Archive Library, Shenzhen, CH -- 8500m2 -- DD
• Wien Museum Extension, Vienna, AT -- 13000m2 -- Competition
• Bauhaus Museum, Dessau, DE -- 2800m2 -- Competition
• Lakefront Kiosk, Chicago Biennale, IL -- Competition led

Feb 2014 - Dec 2015

OMA, Rotterdam, NL, Architectural Intern

• International environment and active participation to the team. Teamwork
• Proficiency in Rhino and Adobe Suite.
• Strong conceptual approach. Vast interest in private/public spaces relationship for the design of new and stimulating forms of urban life.
• Collaborated with experts to define fire safety of the Centrale School.

• Jean Jacque Bosc Bridge, Bordeaux, FR -- 8500m2 -- Competition
• LABCITY-Centrale School, Paris Saclay, FR -- 35000m2 -- SD
• Paris Nord Est Strategic plan, Paris, FR -- Pre-Qualification

Sep 2012 - Jan 2013

x-tu, Paris, FR, Architectural Intern

• Building site inspections and technical drawings coordination.
• Field trip and inspection.
• Research of fabricators.

• Cité des Civilisations du Vin (CCV), Bordeaux, FR -- 8000m2 -- DD
• Office Tollens, Aubervillier, FR -- 1700m2 -- SD
• Laboratory, Amiens, FR -- 2500m2 -- Competition
• High School, Ivry sur Seine, FR -- 2000m2 -- Competition
• High School, Montmorency, FR -- CD
• High School, Massy, FR -- 3000m2 -- CD/VISA

Feb 2012 - Jun 2012

David Leclerc Architecture, Paris, FR, Architectural Intern

• Building Permit proposal with drawing set and renderings
• Field trip and inspection
• AutoCAD basics

• XVIIIth century apartment renovation, Paris, FR -- 80m2 -- PC
• Magnum Photo Gallery, Saint Germain, Paris, FR -- 100m2 -- SD/DD
• Family House extension, Penmarc’h, FR -- 150m2 -- PC
• Quelornet House, Treguennec, FR -- 170m2 -- DD/Interior Design
• Japanese Baths, Brussels, BL -- 70m2 -- Interior Design
• Warehouse renovation, Venise, IT -- SD
• Hohenberg Residence, Half Moon Bay, CA -- 200m2 -- SD

May 2011 - Nov 2011


ENSAV, Versailles, FR, MArch, Architecture

Aug 2010 - Jun 2013

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, US, Student Exchange Program

Aug 2010 - May 2011

ENSAV, Versailles, FR, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2007 - Jul 2010


unbuiltVISION, Honorable Mention

Unbuilt Visions promotes critical debate about architecture and design by acknowledging excellence in unbuilt projects. This annual competition provides an opportunity to engage with architecture, urbanism, interiors, and designed objects at the conceptual stage by recognizing work that offers a critical contribution to worldwide architectural discourse.


Semifinalist at ONE PRIZE 2011 The Blue Network, Nomination

Annual Design and Science Award



Graduate Design Award at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign


K d'Ecole 2009 competition Versailles, Honorable Mention

Plaza renovation in Versailles integrating Arts, History and Citylife.


Areas of Specialization