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AGi architects

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LAGI 2014

LAGI 2014 Copenhagen invited interdisciplinary teams from around the world to submit their ideas for what infrastructure art of sustainable cities looks like. Refshaleøen, the site proposed, is a gigantic cement and chimney stack from where to contemplate the whole city.

Our goal was to intervene in this area keeping the place´s spirit alive that makes it so special, maintaining all of its qualities. 

Therefore, we make the most of the site creating a lookout and turning one of most well accepted and installed technological landmarks in all the territory into a spot to construct an artificial mountain which serves as a connection between the natural, the industrial and the future technological landscape.

The Refshaleøen Mountain is formed around 3 wind turbines. These are tested models such as the -Aelos-V 5kw and Aelos-V 600w- vertical axes wind turbines, which are the most appropriate for urban areas due to its urban friendly characteristics, and high efficiency in low speed context. We use recycled plastic sheets HDPE, to generate covered habitable spaces and grandstands. 

The areas with the more appropriate slopes and under more sun exposure are covered with the solar collectors Motsolar -thin film and high efficiency.

CIRCUS HILL will organize the urban park where it is placed, turning into an attractor with its 22 meters height from which to gaze at the    København´s traditional urban planning and at the Tivoli roller coaster. Thanks to the ferry station, the communication with the city will be easy and fluent having a great attractive to develop outdoor events, which will enjoy from the views and will also offer a great showcase sponsorship.

This sculpture will generate enough electricity to provide it to all the houseboats which will circle the park in 2016. The recovered water could be used for the irrigation and maintenance of the urban vegetable gardens located along the perimeter next to the houseboats. 

The grandstand area located on the mesh is an ideal space for the pleasure of small performances with the city as backdrop.

The open area bellow one of the wind turbines will turn into a native vegetable conservation zone , above her a mesh of solar collectors  will be used as partial canopy.

The construction works necessary for the object´s establishment are minimum and isolated. Only superficial foundations are necessary for the wind mills and steel mesh anchoring.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Copenhagen, DK