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Juan Roldán -
Juan Roldán -
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Acura Showroom

The total built up area for the project is 16,500 SQM that covers four floors including showroom, client amenities full service workshop, parts warehouse, staff offices, parts retail store, amenities and parking. 

The building is designed so that ensures maximum visibility for the cars. The showroom is elevated from the street level, so that the cars are on full display to drivers and passer’s by along the Fourth Ring Road. The building is clad with aluminum panels, 40m glass curtain wall and aluminum louvers in keeping with the brand’s commitment to cutting edge technology and innovation. 

Following the driving concept of Acura Showrooms worldwide -- man machine synergy – the facility is designed so that clients are exposed to the inner workings of the workshop. This is done on the Ground and First Floor Levels lounges through glass walls that open up to the double height ground floor workshop. The workshop is visible for both customers and back of house operations. To ensure maximum daylight, the showroom, workshop and offices utilize skylights, windows and the north facing curtain wall façade. 

The project was originally conceived as the general Acura GCC Prototype comprised of a ground floor, first floor and roof facility. This scheme was modified to the local conditions after an extensive study by the local consultant, AGi architects. Taking that into consideration and that the level difference from the various ends of the site, AGi architects determined that it is possible to remove the roof facility and put in a double basement instead.

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Status: Built
Location: Kuwait, KW
Firm Role: Architects
Additional Credits: Photographies: Juan Roldán -

Juan Roldán -
Juan Roldán -