ADS (Architectural Design Studio)

ADS (Architectural Design Studio)

McLean, VA


U.S. Census Bureau: FOB-3 Cafeteria Renovation

Renovation of the FOB-3 Cafeteria at Census Bureau was a design/build project for ADS. The project required redesign of the physical layout of the existing food service area to solve customer congestion problems and enhance the dining experience at minimal cost. The resulting design and implementation greatly improved traffic flow during checkout. Provided  enlarged showplace for vendor products and space for “Feature of the Day.” The salad bar was redesigned to become the centerpiece of the serving area. The design intent was to incorporate the use of color, enhanced lighting and hi-light material texture, with large proportioned semi-abstract perimeter murals, designed, hand painted and mounted by ADS. The completed project met all expectations and was done without interruption of the cafeteria daily service within time and budget. 

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Status: Built