ADS (Architectural Design Studio)

ADS (Architectural Design Studio)

McLean, VA


Burke Community Church

BCC approached ADS with the desire to improve the aesthetic of their sanctuary in 2011. The fast growing congregation forced BCC to move their worship space into their large gymnasium. BCC worship is secular and involves music and singing. Their space required a large stage for all the musicians and the priest to be able to stand. As well as, have space for their speakers and equipment. The design we proposed was a curved stage with a large backdrop with four pilasters and two “lanterns” flanked either end of the stage. The curve allowed for better audible and visual connection for both the congregation and the parish. The lanterns were not just architectural features; they severed as speaker boxes and housed audio-video equipment inside them. In addition to the sanctuary area, ADS designed a new entrance and check-in area for parents to drop off children to Sunday School.

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Status: Built