Brooklyn, NY


Sydney Penthouse

Graced with the most stunning views of Sydney harbour, the impetus of this project was to allow full access of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge from every corner of this duplex penthouse apartment. Views are strategically revealed through the sequence of spaces from the framed view of the Opera House at the foyer, the harbour panorama from the living spaces, the bridge reflected by or seen through the glazed fireplace, the glistening reflections on surfaces as you turn your back to get a drink at the bar and to the expansive views from the bed and the shower.

The open plan design accommodates two of the client’s loves - entertaining and his extensive book collection, highlights of which are integrated throughout the entire apartment’s custom millwork. The minimal design allows the project's materiality and the detailing to be experienced in a tactile way. The black-stained oak and white material palette is applied to reinforce the pull toward the harbour. Looking toward the windows, the dark backdrop recedes behind you while the white wall paneling and bright views draw you out. Moving upstairs to the private areas, like removing a layer of clothing to ascend to the intimate spaces of the home, the palette is softened by the removal of the stain from the timber, revealing a beautiful natural oak finish lining all the bedrooms. The same drive to open the spaces below is applied to the three bedrooms. The boundary between bedrooms and bathrooms are blurred, creating unique spaces with spectacular views of the harbour enjoyed even at the most private spaces of the home.

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Status: Built
Location: Sydney, AU