Brooklyn, NY


Public Record Offices

Public Record is a film-makers and documentarists collective studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn.  The project is a choreography of custom-designed and fabricated office furniture: plywood workstations & perimeter bench seating, reclaimed timber communal tables and timber framed polycarbonate partitions. At the center of the expansive 2500sqft loft is an open-plan flexible workspace with adjustable-height desks, re-configurable lounge setting and screening area, a standing communal bench for eating and informal meetings and a bar.  For visibility and light distribution, translucent partitions line the producers’ enclosed offices and the conference room. Three acoustically treated edit suites and equipment room are tucked in the rear of the studio through a light-filled hallway. The studio is a bright, dynamic and happy workplace enjoyed by the talented directors, producers and editors of Public Record.

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Status: Built
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
Additional Credits: Fabrication by Nodus (