AB design studio, inc.

AB design studio, inc.

Santa Barbara, CA | Los Angeles, CA


Guitar Bar

More than just a brick-and-mortar retailer of guitars, The Guitar Bar was designed by AB design studio as an exercise in placemaking. It was to be a community environment where customers can gather, relax, converse, and exchange ideas. Understanding that traditional retailers face monumental challenges in terms of competitiveness with web-based counterparts, the architects designed The Guitar Bar as a space to support the additional needs of guitar enthusiasts, and provide business opportunities for the client. The architects designed a space with the openness and warmth of a neighborhood haunt. A bar-like front desk creates a sense of intimate familiarity for guests with inquiries or purchases. The guitars themselves serve as a fundamental design element, adorning the walls in all directions as a stimulating visual component. A central stage acts as a focal point for concerts, record release parties, and other events. Acoustically crafted sound-proof rooms allow customers to practice without disturbing other patrons, and serve as spaces for private guitar lessons.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect