AB design studio, inc.

AB design studio, inc.

Santa Barbara, CA | Los Angeles, CA


Santa Barbara Bungalow

By ingeniously blending a neutral palette, warm accents, luxurious finishes, modern tiles, statement lighting, and inviting furnishings, an interiors masterpiece emerges as our designer skillfully intertwined elements to forge a quintessential California Coastal aesthetic.

Guided by the ethereal beauty of California's coastline, a neutral palette served as the canvas, allowing the innate hues of the surroundings to shine. Earthy tones and soft whites formed the backdrop for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Warm accents—invoking the sun's embrace—punctuated the space, infusing vitality and radiance.

Luxurious finishes extended the allure, mirroring the opulence of sea and sky. Reflective surfaces mirrored the lush surroundings, while rich woods evoked driftwood treasures. Modern tiles, reminiscent of sun-kissed sands, manifested a tactile connection to the beach. Statement lighting, akin to the dancing sunbeams, framed spaces with artistry. Chandeliers suspended like constellations and pendant lights emulating glistening seashells added enchantment to every corner.

Soft, inviting furnishings embraced comfort and relaxation. Plush sofas and cushions beckoned leisure, while woven textures, like beachside breezes, contributed tactile warmth. The true magic lay in the seamless synergy achieved—a space where boundaries between indoors and outdoors vanished. Oversized windows and glass doors dissolved into surrounding vistas, intertwining nature with design.

This interior design triumph stands as a tribute to California's coastal allure, a testament to the designer's skillful orchestration. Through a careful balance of elements, a home emerged that epitomizes the essence of coastal living—an abode that doesn't merely capture the beauty of the coastline but also weaves it intricately into the very fabric of the design.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US