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Ying Chen

Philadelphia, PA, US

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Ying Chen blends practical aesthetics with sustainable solutions, employing both traditional and modern techniques to minimize ecological footprints. Her experience in renovation projects has honed her sensitivity to textures, materials, and color palettes, resulting in cost-effective and environmentally friendly design schemes that emphasize the dynamic interplay between form, function, and innovation.

Ying is exploring interdisciplinary opportunities within architecture, particularly integrating fashion aesthetics to redefine building enclosures. She is also adept at transforming 2D graphics and elements from sci-fi novels into vivid three-dimensional imaginative spaces, leveraging this expertise in the realms of virtual reality in architecture and gaming to challenge and expand conventional architectural boundaries.



Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Research Assistant

Rennovation of Fashion District in Chinatown
• Produced high-quality renderings with site condition in Midjourney based on keywords derived from on-site research.
• Attended a charette that brought 200 residents and scholars to discuss innovative renovation ideas; refined the renderings
and options to better align with the community’s needs and vision.

Built in China - A Century of Dialogues on Modern Architecture
• Responsible to layout design of promoting poster with Indesign and participated in organizing exhibition installation on-site
• Conducted communication with the lecturers, such as helping them to familiarize with their surroundings and understand the
potential interests of the audience.

Jan 2024 - May 2024

Savery Design, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Render Artist and Drafter

Renovation Design
• Digitally modelled the interior space after measurement onsite and produce a set of construction and design drawing set using CAD and Indesign.
• Developed and rendered the interior systems and materials, finishes and fixtures by Enscape or Keyshot.

Furniture Design
• Designed furnitures from shop drawings using Rhino/Revit modelling and Enscape rendering, incorporating measurements from physical furniture samples and manufacturer’s website dimensions.
• Created detailed shop drawings with various views and assembly instructions for contractors.
• Explored local furniture manufacturers as a cost-saving alternative during a time-sensitive construction project, coordinating with suppliers via email.

Oct 2023 - Feb 2024

Kwong Von Glinow, Chicago, IL, US, Summer Intern

Renovation of the Interior of the Rice Anderson Hall
• Rebuilt the model using Rhino based on the old-hand and new-digit construction drawings, including detailed light fixtures.
• Prepared 3D printing files and assembled the final site model for client meetings.
• Prepared, corrected and updated documents during schematic design and design development phases.
• Coordinates color and material palettes, and rendering settings.
• Rendered conceptual design ideas by Enscape and prepared 2D and 3D presentations and drawings by Indesign and Rhino.
• Participated in design and developed innovative design concepts into practical, aesthetic and conducive to intended purposes
and function, which reflect clients’ goals and within the project budget.

MAS Context Exhibition I Five Physical Models
• Rebuilt three housing projects at ½’’ scale from construction drawings, and prepared their interior wall to 3D printing file.
• Handcut foam cords as the exterior walls and interior floors and claded them with wallpapers embellished in Photoshop.
• Designed, and rebuilt furniture or architectural elements at ½’’ scale to detail the final models by a series of printing tests.
• Adjusted precise parameters in settings by the 3D printer to pursue the best and optimized printing qualities.
• Decided perspectives, took photos of physical models and modified their overall qualities in Photoshop.
• Assisted in organizing the booklet and poster for the exhibition and contributed to the exhibition installation process.
• Responsible for keeping three to five model projects on schedule and conducting communication efforts in cooperating with
other co-workers in this model team to ensure model-making is on the right track.

May 2023 - Aug 2023

Yanyu Art, Shanghai, China, Design Intern and Design Assistant

Reconstruction for China University of Political Science and Law
• Assistant measured interior rooms onsite and was involved in the negotiation between the client and the designer.
• Recorded site measurement and reconstruction ideas with Revit.
• Responsible for communication with designers on ideas about the acoustic finishing.

Restoration of Ancient Bridge | Design of Cultural Creative Product
• Researched the structure system and construction ways of Chinese traditional bridges in the Song Dynasty.
• Interpreted it as a DIY cultural product by Rhino and CAD to help younger customers learn traditional culture.
• Designed the package of a set of laser-cut pieces and created the assembly instructions for the DIY bridge with Indesign.
• Conduct communication efforts with manufacturers to produce and test the final product.
• Prepared presentations to convince clients to manufacture creative cultural products.

Video Production for local state-owned enterprises
• Conducted on-site video shooting and recording operations to capture essential material for project requirements.
• Independently produced a 4-minute video through multiple rounds of modifications and integrations, aligning closely with client and the principal's requriemnt, including storyboard creation and music selection.
• Efficiently repurposed the original video content into engaging short-form videos for promotional use across various platforms.
• Led the creation of video content to promote cultural values and initiatives for local state-owned enterprises

Mar 2021 - May 2021


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, MArch, Master of Architecture

Aug 2021 - May 2024

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