William Quintana

William Quintana

Buffalo, NY, US


Into the Void

Inspired by the works of James Turrell, Allan Wexler and the visual style of Alexandro Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain, a telescoping set of boxes replaces the traditional four walls, ceiling and floor that everyone expects to find behind a classroom door. The bright colors are intended to entice users to explore the space further; to immerse themselves in the unknown well of color that stands beyond the threshold. As the boxes project inside the classrom, the height of the assembly forces adults to bend, crawl or sit down while children have no problem climbing the steps and reaching the farther boundaries of the space. 

The colors used within the installation have been selected because they allow for a gradual transition from the cool white of the traditional walls to the incandescent red of the farthest-more bay and into the pitch black void; these are tones meant not to soothe but to strike and impact the audience as they open the door into the “unknown”. 

Artificial light is used to accentuate the gradual changes of color reflected against the smooth surfaces; through this effect, it is the installation itself that draws attention to its inner spaces and invites users to venture within.  

The built environment and ultimately, the disruption of the expected familiarity of a give space is the end purpose of this installation; it is meant to be an inhabitable piece that draws people in and allows them, for a brief moment, to lose themselves into the void. 

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Status: Built
Location: Medina, NY, US
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Christa Trautman