William Quintana

William Quintana

Buffalo, NY, US


House Renovation

Purchased in 2014, 301 Potomac had been vacant or with temporary tenants since 2005. The project consisted of a complete rehab of the existing house with the relocation and reorganization of the first floor spaces. 

Considering the significant water and termite damage that had been done to the timber frame structure, it was determined that the best course of action would be to relocate the kitchen from the back of the house to the center of it so as to install new service lines and to create a focal area that would really make it the "heart of the home". 

Complementary colors are used throughout the spaces to reflect light coming in from the windows and to "paint" the spaces with a subdued hue that is expressed indirectly from the main living spaces. Half arches soften the space transitions while frameless, monolithic doors are used to blend entrances within the walls so as to keep a crisp line all around the house.  

On the upper levels, the bedrooms and bathrooms have also been upgraded as well as an attic work space constructed to serve as both, arts studio and home office.  

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Buffalo, NY, US
My Role: Project Designer
Additional Credits: Christa Trautman