Virginia Melnyk

Virginia Melnyk

Clemson, SC, US


Re-Frame Reflect

As part of the Porous Boarders Festival Re-Frame Reflect was built as a dividing wall along one portion of the boundary between the town of Hamtramck and Detroit.  This physical obstruction creates a separation along the border. Although this wall is not solid boundary, it is formed out of angles to direct views and allow new perception of the other side of the boarder. Focusing one’s sight, visitors experience the two sides as a series of vignettes. By using a reflective material to line the cones, viewers layer their own reflections and the framed views through the wall in one experience.  Encouraging viewers to reflect on their ideas and impressions of border and the meaning of the city edge.

Installed May 16 and May 17 at the lot next to 12133 Conant (Meghna Grocery, Hamtramck version)

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Status: Built
Location: Hamtramck, MI, US
My Role: Designer