Vestalis Pizarro

Vestalis Pizarro

Los Angeles, CA, US


Shapes Exhibit - Canton Fair

The stand has three inspirations that influences its form and movement; The Dragon dance, the silhouette of the female figure, and the Elements Water and Wood in Feng Shui.
The Dragon Dance, or the Lion Dance, is performed at the beginning of the New Year or the Grand Opening of a Business. This performance brings good luck and wards off evil spirits. The power of this performance comes from the twisting and rotation of the waist. Just like the feminine silhouette, these forms are seductive and captivating.
In Feng Shui, Water (the Element that brings movement, flow, and relaxation) feeds Wood (the Element that represents growth, expansion, and vitality in your life). The shape for wood is the rectangle, and the shapes for water are curves. By merging both of the shapes we developed the form of the stand.

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Status: Built
Location: Guanzhou, CN