Vestalis Pizarro

Vestalis Pizarro

Los Angeles, CA, US


Degree Project

Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere is the unknown vacuum of space. Because of the intensity of this alien environment, tactile and visual stimulation are key methodologies to adapt to life in space. Therefore, creative expression is required in order to synthesize the experience. Physical expression such as, dance/theatrical performances, painting, and sculpture, become a direct coping mechanism, and in fact, a metaphysic to the dislocation one may feel upon arriving in space. This Orbital Research Center is an emotional, psychological, and spiritual artists retreat as well as a rehab center where one can physically remove oneself from Earth’s temptations. It is the polar opposite of the infrastructure that currently exists outside of the Earth’s atmosphere where the focus of the research is purely on physical phenomena occurring outside of our minds.
Thus my project explores not only the world beyond our atmosphere, but the inner-workings of the mind itself. 

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Status: School Project
Location: 13,600 km above the surface of the Earth