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Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia

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Al Qassimi Maternity and Pediatric Hospital

paolo lettieri
May 14, '14 9:40 AM EST
Hospital Main Facade
Hospital Main Facade

Sharja, United Arab Emirates

The Al Qassimi Maternity and Pediatric Hospital, designed and supervised by Urbanism Planning Architecture,  is about to be completed and delivered to the client, the Ministry of Public Works.

The New Hospital is designed to extend the services of Al Qassimi General Hospital,  included additional 200 beds for Maternity, Gynecology and Pediatrics as self - contained Hospital for all kinds of services and facilities. It is also decided to extend the Emergency department of the existing hospital to respond to the additional needs for better emergency services.  

The architectural design of the building, which stretches over an area of ​​43,500 square meters, is developed according to a rational management of space, which translates into a clear separation between the various departments: the three main units (gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatrics) are reflected in the design by three parallel wings orthogonal to the two main corridors (“the hospital street” and the “sanitary corridor”): each wing is functionally organized in vertical with outpatient at main entrance floor facing the hospital street with the wards on upper levels. The block of treatment  areas (OPT, ICU, Delivery etc..) is directed connected to multiple levels sanitary corridor: this allow to have the most possible clear division between the routes without any possible interference from visitors and non patients.

The Additional representative spaces as well the main entrance, the cafeteria, the VIP and royal ward (6 suites and 3 royal suites with private entrance) are architecturally recognizable with volume based on pure forms: entrance is square, cafeteria circle, VIP wards ellipse. The pavilion of the new Emergency is located between the old and the new hospital, and serves as link to the two buildings.

The shape of hospital is rational and the use of courtyards refers to institutional hospital and to local use of space with internal gardens. The rationality of the design plan is reflected in elevation: the use of windows stripe allow to reduce the typing of windows and allow to give dynamic solution with design of the stripes and the bow windows. The hospital is designed as a modern machine with simple, functional and clear forms; the exterior and internal aspect is based on the idea of cleanliness, efficiency, healthy: white and light colors, enhanced by sharp contrasts of dark, gives  means universally the sense of health and care.

The internal environmental is focused on use of sustainable material as for example the white flooring of entrance and public spaces is active clean air & antibacterial ceramic with photo catalytic material, use of floors and finishes with low emissions. Latest generation ventilated facades and windows are used in order to protect the building from the action of heat, wind, rain and contaminants, giving significant benefits in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

The design developed as Joint Venture between Urbanism Planning Architecture and General Planning with support of Progetto MCK for medical planning and equipment.  The building scrupulously follows the Health Care Facilities Guidelines of American Institute of Architects using the most modern technological equipment. The Hospital combines technological excellence and respect for the environment.