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Stéphane Philmonor displayed a distinct aptitude for design and architecture at an early age. Having learned to read and draw basic plans from observing his father, an engineer in Haiti, Stéphane proceeded to obtain an education in Architecture at New York City College of Technology where he learned foundational practical knowledge which make great design work. With an evolving curiosity for design, Stéphane has committed himself to the pursuit of a career in architecture and design, applying and developing his skills at various interior design and architecture firms in New York City.

Stéphane’s objective is to create aesthetically pleasing designs that solve our essential human needs and exceed the standards of his clients. As a designer in NYC, he has contributed to creating serene home interiors as well as inviting commercial spaces. His goal is to form lasting relationships with his clients and other professionals in the industry with an aligned aspiration for Human Centered Design.

Having completed all AXP hours and the application for licensure, Stéphane is preparing to take the necessary examinations and fulfil the requirements to become a registered architect.


Valentino Pompeo Architect, New York, NY, US, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER

• Projects: Blink Fitness: (15,000-20,000 sq.ft.); goPuff: (5,000 sq.ft.),
Xenhouse, PA (2,500 sq.ft); CleanRite, NY, (5,000 sq.ft.), Clark residence, NY (2,200 sq.ft)
• Prepare DD & CD’s packages for over 20 prototypical gym locations.
• Manage and prepare CD package for goPuff projects.
• Manage 3D fly-through projects and design consultants.
• Create conceptual and photo-realistic renderings for various project types.

Apr 2016 - current

AEROTEK/ LIRO, New York, NY, US, Draftsman

• Assist with the architectural drafting of construction documents for additions and flood negation projects.
• Perform site surveys and field observations on public housing projects for as proposed construction drawings.
• Cooperate with project manager, and team members to facilitate the timely completion projects and proposals

Jul 2015 - Mar 2016

ADECCO/ NYU, New York, NY, US, AutoCAD Drawing Analyst

• Prepare architectural drawings received from architects. This includes uploading and designing architectural documents using Auto-CAD 2D.
• Perform on-site surveys to assist Senior Architects with updating drawings and documents
• Cooperate with project manager, and team members to facilitate the timely completion projects

Feb 2014 - Mar 2015

Consulting Associates of NY (CANY), New York, NY, US, CAD Technician

• Assist with the architectural drafting of construction documents for facade repair, window replacements, sidewalk replacement and roof repair projects to be performed on multifamily, commercial, mixed use buildings. - complete architectural drawing sets include general notes, plot plan, roof plan, exterior elevations, sections, roof repair details, window replacement details, facade repair details and sidewalk replacement details.
• Perform site surveys and in field observations for roof repair and sidewalk replacement projects to be translated into as-built drawings.
• Cooperate with project managers, clients, and team members to facilitate the timely completion projects and proposals
• Assist with performing water test to measure moisture penetrating the facade and roof of multifamily and commercial buildings.

Jul 2012 - Jul 2013

Scarano Architect PLLC., Brooklyn, NY, US, Assistant Project Manager

• Assist Architects and project managers in drafting NYC DOB documents such as Plan/ Work Application filing (PW1), Work Permit Application (PW2), Cost Affidavits (PW3), Technical Report Statement of Responsibility (TR1). And Certificate of Occupancy Letter of Completion Folder Review Request (PW7)
• Perform site surveys and in field observations on commercial, industrial and multifamily residential projects for as-built drawings
• producing hand renderings and drawings for presentations to clients and planning boards
• collaborating with Senior Architects, Project Managers and clients to expedite the timely completion of design projects
• Assist with the architectural drafting of construction documents for new construction, alteration, additions and renovation projects on multifamily residential, commercial and industrial projects
• Conduct research, contacting and following up with vendors and product manufacturers

Jul 2011 - Jul 2012


New York City College of Technology, Bachelors, Architecture

Jan 2007 - Jun 2011

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