Shabnam Moravveji

Shabnam Moravveji

Glendale, CA, US


Iran Embassy and Consulate in Egypt Architectural Design

For my graduate thesis design ,I designed Iran Embassy and Consulate Complex. The embassy building concept comes from the common stepped pyramid form in ancient Iranian and Egyptian architecture history.Since my research was about symbolism and archetypes ,I decided to target similar archetypes in collective unconsciousness of both nations in order to find an understandable common language.However I didn't apply the exact shape of stepped pyramids because of climate consideration of hot and arid Cairo, Instead of that,I applied the Iranian's traditional solution for mirror reflection of buildings in the water in order to provide the exact archetype reflected in the pool,while the real building follows the climatic rules to provide shades.

Locating in Cairo where Nile river in an essential elements that forms the city,in addition to traditional defending solution of all political buildings in architecture history which is building water moats around the complex ,I decided to place this embassy in the middle of a huge pool while the consulate was placed around a sunken courtyard as a traditional space organizer in hot arid climates.The embassy building which is placed in the highest level of the complex functions as a landmark at nights. The lighting's color comes from Iran Flag's original color.Thesis Design(graduate school)


Hierarchy Of space plays an important role in designing political buildings.In traditional approach, space organization were usually shaped from the less secure space to the most secure one. Thus I decided to use this approach in designing Iran embassy complex in Egypt by placing a public plaza in the entrance with having minimum level of security ,followed by consulate with an average provided security to the most secure section that is the embassy building.

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Status: Built