Shabnam Moravveji

Shabnam Moravveji

Glendale, CA, US


Apartment Remodeling

Professional Work(apartment renovation design)

Additional details

This project was an 18 years old apartment in a five-story building.The client asked for a luxurious interior design and major space transformation in order to separate the private section from the public one .My solution was to hide the hallway behind a divider wall that forms the new living room. It is hiding the private section that includes bedrooms and bathroom and a small Tv room. The new kitchen divided to two different section, The one in the back opens to Tv room while the front kitchen with its marble dining table that is match with the bar table, is working with living room and follows the same design.Wallpapers ,marble tables with their internal lights ,ceiling designs,lights and furnitures all have a luxurious gold theme.

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Status: Built