Sergo Antadze

Sergo Antadze

Los Angeles, CA, US


Fashion Palace in Moscow

Red Sky walk above Red Square

In the very heart of Russia, a new building arises. The surroundings compose a mosaic reflection of Russian history. The New Fashion Palace becomes a part of this colorful reflection by mimicking the history and soul of Russia, from the past to the future, both structurally and in Two grandiose main walls support Red rectangular containers- Red Skywalks, placed on eight levels in a free-flowing sequence and creating dramatic composition by penetrating through the walls. Color has special importance for new Building. Red Skywalks, Red Walls of Kremlin, red Square…. Perhaps,  the color red is the most important color for Russians. It symbolizes the spontaneity and energy of the Russian soul. When literally translated, «красный» or “red” means beauty. Fashion is beauty.

Hi-tech skinned walls, over the day, absorb solar energy from outside and release it in to the inside powering the life of the Palace. Visitors become participants of the fashion show immediately when arriving to the Palace, and diving into the fiesta of beauty as soon as they pass through the outdoor runaway, which continues inside the building. With a different Skywalk exhibition on each, the visitors continue to travel from a level to level, finding something new on each. A different Fashion House, forming a street with its unique exhibition, occupies each Tube. However, the magnificent view of the Moscow skyline becomes an active participant, common to all exhibitions in the palace. Building is finalized with a main runaway floating above the City. Special gusts may enjoy the Winter Garden, Café and Entertainment while viewing Special Fashion Shows. By finishing visit of palace, perhaps a new slogan will be heard from inside the walls of the Kremlin: VIVA LA MODA !

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Moscow, RU
My Role: Architect