Safdie Rabines Architects

Safdie Rabines Architects

San Diego, CA


Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge

The Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge, built for San Diego’s Centre City Development Corporation, completes the city's 100-yearold vision of a Park-to-Bay Link, connecting Balboa Park and the San Diego Bay. This iconic bridge provides a safe crossing over the heavily traveled Harbor Drive and existing train and trolley tracks, and links the convention center and a multi-level parking garage on the bay side with a main route into the city's downtown and the nearby ballpark. The 500-foot curved span of the bridge is supported by a unique 130 foot tall inclined pylon which supports stainless steel wrapped suspension cables attached along one edge of the bridge deck. In order to complement the skeletal and sculptural nature of the bridge, a structural glass elevator tower was created that houses two elevator cabs, connecting the plaza level to the bridge deck and showcasing the elevators' inner-workings.

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Status: Built
Location: San Diego, CA, US
Firm Role: Bridge Architectural Design
Additional Credits: T.Y. Lin International, Lead Engineer