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[STRANG] Architecture

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Ballast Trail

For this residence, [STRANG] captured the distinctive Key Largo spirit by designing around several key elements—limitless views of the ocean, natural light, and a connection to the landscape. Traditional material selections of immense stone walls, pitched metal roofs and wood porches integrate gracefully with modern touches such as glass louvered bridges and a tropical hardwood hammock. Far beyond a simple response to the climate and site—Ballast Trail represents an evolutionary design for South Florida.  

With a mission to bring the outside—inside, the team added custom keystone details, which can be seen in each bedroom as feature walls. The house represents the ‘regionalism of liberation’ in which architecture is viewed as an evolving tradition that accepts new ideas and transforms them by adapting them to local characteristics.  

Inside the home, [STRANG] implemented hardy, beach-resistant materials that will weather naturally over time. In the white Binova kitchen, Brazilian Ipe wood combined with natural white oak floors creates a stunning contrast. 

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Status: Built
Location: Tavernier, FL, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: [STRANG] Team: Maria Ascoli, Matthew Cohen, Nicole Ferrarini, Alexandra Mangimelli, Jason Adams, Max Strang
Interior Design: L'Aterlier Isabelle Peribere
Landscape: Naturalficial
Builder: Native Construction
Photographer: Claudio Manzoni