Rutuja Santosh Shinde

Rutuja Santosh Shinde

Buffalo, NY, US

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A professional, creative and innovative Architect with 2+ years of experience and excellent understanding of the importance of the design process, in-depth research in Architecture and prioritize user experience design. Highly effective at integrating the art, science, and the business of building. Architecture for me is about inspiring and creating spaces that affect people and their behavior in a positive way. I believe that design can make a difference with the help of creative solutions and I aspire to be a part of that change.


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, Adjunct Instructor

Architectural Design Studios -

1) Tectonics of Buoyancy - Part of the teaching team for the Junior studio. The studio investigated the relationship between the water and the city, between water and people, between water and architecture which is a critically important issue. In the Buffalo-Niagara Region, after a century of hardening the shoreline and turning our back on the water, attitude toward the water’s edge has begun to shift. Understanding that the typical strategy of fortifying ourselves against the elements and barricading ourselves from the water has had catastrophic ecological, social, and cultural impacts.
Occupying the water’s edge has been rekindled.
Along with Architectural design, this studio drew immense focus on technology, materiality, and the architectural systems that would make the structure float in water and sustain.

2) "Fitting In": Part of a teaching team for the sophomores. How can an architecture achieve a sense of belonging in a given place—especially in consideration of the ever-evolving
complexity of [relevant] context(s)?
Teaching methods of -
-Techniques for architectural analysis, communication, and representation.
-exploration of morphological transformation.
-Understanding materiality.
-Conventions of architecture and site design.
-Accessibility strategies and fire safety in the design process.
-Design process through - Historical, social, physical, and environmental analysis.

Aug 2020 - current

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, Teaching Assistant

University At Buffalo- The State University of New York - Buffalo, New York
January 2020 - May 2020
Professor : Kenneth Mackay
Professional Practice
- Assisted the instructor by evaluating students coursework.

Jan 2020 - May 2020

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, Research Assistant

University At Buffalo- The State University of New York - Buffalo, New York
January 2020 - May 2020
Professor : Emily Kutil , Rayner Banham fellow (2019-2020)
Investigation of the intertwined social, physical and power structures that shape our world.
- Assisted in researching data, mapping on ArcGIS and generating graphical representations. 

Jan 2020 - May 2020

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, Student Assistant

University At Buffalo- The State University of New York - Buffalo, New York
January 2020 - March 2020
Professor : Emily Kutil , Rayner Banham fellow (2019-2020)
ArcGIS Software
-Duties involved assisting the professor in teaching ArcGIS training sessions and resolving students queries.

Jan 2020 - Mar 2020

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, Teaching Assistant

University At Buffalo- The State University of New York - Buffalo, New York
August 2019- December 2019 (Fall 2019)
Professor : Kenneth Mackay
Graduate Comprehensive design Studio
- Assisted the instructor by helping the students with design development, software's and analysis.

Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

ABM Architects, Mumbai, IN, Junior Architect

- Worked on Design Proposal and Working Drawings of Commercial projects.
- Architectural Planning, design flow through 3D modelling, Concept building, Architectural details, Interiors and technology to be used for the projects. Coordination with the contractors, vendors and client. Material selection, detail drawings to 3d renderings.
- Architectural Interior plans & 3D modelling of residential projects.
- Had the chance to work with the publishing house “White Flag” for their volume 4 book- “Fifty Beautiful Homes in India.” Data compilation, book editing & management between all the architects and the publication house.

Jul 2016 - Jun 2018

Sadekar and Upalekar interior designing firm, Mumbai, IN, Architectural Intern

- Conceptualizing design for architectural projects to working drawings, 3D modelling and interiors
- Conducted site visits and coordinated with various disciplines including client, contractor & structural engineer.
- Drafted various interior residential drawings, and made subsequent adjustments based on both client and principal feedback.
- Worked in the design development phase of several residential & Commercial projects.

Jan 2016 - Apr 2016


University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, MArch, Master in Architecture

Structures 3, Urban design (technical methods),Architectural design studio-cultural center,Professional practice- function of threshold, Architectural design studio-Strange Towns,Architectural materials, Mapping and land crisis,Architectural design studio- Imagine future citizenship's, Urban design topics- Twelve cities, Environmental systems 3, Architectural design studio- New York tower studio.

Aug 2018 - May 2020

Mumbai University, India ; L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai, IN, BArch, Bachelor in Architecture

Architectural building construction, Architectural design, Urban design, building materials, theory and design of Structures, climatology, History of Architecture, building services, surveying and leveling,specifications, Working drawings, Landscape design, Town and urban planning, building bye-laws, professional practive, construction management (elective), Advanced building construction and design dissertation.

Apr 2010 - Jun 2016

Areas of Specialization