Russell Higgins

Russell Higgins

New York, NY, US

Synergies - Even in a mundane rain gutter
Synergies - Even in a mundane rain gutter
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Superinsulating Eave - Et Al....

Bits and Pieces from the Old House Rebuild

The multi-generational version of "Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House", or "The Money Pit", take you pick.  Gramps started it, pops continued it,  I'm not kidding myself that I'm finishing it. 

Built in Gutter - Solar de-icing, Super Insulating, Off the shelf components - No soldering required!

Garage / Ramp / Vestibule / Enclosure:  Wrap it all up and you get - easier access, eliminates dangerous ice in winter AND Creates an Entry Focus just where 99% of US familes enter their homes - AT THE GARAGE!!! 

Really, why do we have front doors?

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Kingston, NY, US
My Role: Architect, Imagineer
Additional Credits: Walt Disney, and every home in Florida with a breezeway.

Super Sized Breezeway
Super Sized Breezeway