Robert Allison

Robert Allison

New York, NY, US

Project Board - Printed at 36' x 36'
Project Board - Printed at 36" x 36"

Future City Research Lab

This project called for the design of a place for
3D design work and art of the present and future.
The program called for a large plenum space for
exhibitions, significant outdoor space, a variety of
work spaces and two apartments for visiting artists.
The project sat on an irregular site with an old
industrial building on the face that met the street, and
as students studying abroad, we were asked to look
to the city around us for inspiration.
My design idea was to create public spaces on
the outside that would be a positive for the surrounding
area, and use the interior space as a flexible and
durable backdrop for creative design of all types for
years to come.

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Status: Built
My Role: Solo Project - Completed in 4 weeks