PEÑA architecture

PEÑA architecture

Rotterdam, NL


Reflecting tray

The characteristics of the square ‘Veerplein’ are defined by an INTERIOR: space in between rows of trees and an EXTERIOR: an in between space from the trees to the buildings around the square.
To redefine this new square and to give it a new character we proposed to deepen it for about 50 centimeters, corresponding to the foundation of the existing catering pavilion. This foundation is being reused.

The new square is covered with concrete slabs treated with a reflecting coating and laid down in a grid system of 21×32 m. On three sides the square has trees. We decided to finish it with the fourth one. On the most important access points of the square, as well as to the shops around it we made several pedestrian lanes to connect and to anchor the square to the shops and city.

The shops are ‘pimped/uplifted/freshened’ with new façade lighting. As a result will the new lanes create more clientele and the lightning will give the square life at night.
The existing benches will become flowerboxes and new benches will be put in the deepened square. This simple and new accumulation will improve the quality of the square and make it vivid.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Vlaardingen, NL
My Role: architect - designer