PEÑA architecture

PEÑA architecture

Rotterdam, NL


Kunstkas - Artpark

Artpark ‘free-zone for art and architecture’ in the fruit port of Rotterdam.
During the architectural manifestation Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture a new competition was lounged for architects and designers, to design a new pavilion.
The ‘lightbuilding’ pavilion needed to inherit new concepts for mobile exhibitions and multimedia presentations. The expected ideas had to be original, sustainable and innovative.

The fruit port is typical example of a Rotterdam harbor location: GREY, CRUDE AND ROUGH.
In this context the Kunstkas is archetypical: a GREENHOUSE on a heavy wooden table, with in the center a friendly tree FRUIT ORCHAD.
The orchard is a hybrid between inside and outside, between private and public.
The height of the table enables a wide view from the terrace on the harbor landscape.
The pavilion provides, in different ways, for intense and subtle experiences by visitors.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Rotterdam, NL
My Role: architect - designer
Additional Credits: PEÑA architecture & SPUTNIK