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OTJ Architects

Washington, DC


Entertainment Software Association

The main challenges for the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) design were technology integration, flexibility and branding to represent its members. Branding is incorporated through physical gaming technology, in a 3-D manner through statues that rotate and in a 2-D manner through vinyl graphics of characters from various gaming platforms.The office is highly technological, with integrated audio/visual projection at the entry to mimic the sequence of turning on a game console – press the power button and enter into the world of ESA. The gaming area/zone has a large format seamless video wall for gaming, displaying presentations and hosting large events. A key requirement was mobility within the public area. Everything is moveable and reconfigurable as needed for large gatherings. The public area includes a video game museum as a point of interest for guests and employees. This provides a rotating, curated display of classic games and historic moments within video gaming and pop culture.

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Status: Built
Location: Washington, DC