OTJ Architects

OTJ Architects

Washington, DC


The main goal for’s new headquarters was to energize and inspire the organization to continue to innovate and grow as a successful technology company. The new office required a balance of collaborative, showcase and individual workspace areas to contribute to the culture and workflow process of staff and operations and also demonstrate the legacy from which it was built. 

OTJ Architects approached the design of’s new headquarters office space by engaging in several design charrette sessions with the company’s leadership, design committee and individual department representatives. OTJ toured existing operations and observed what worked well and where adaptations could be made. Following this observation and information gathering, OTJ developed several iterations of floor plans that sought to capture the right balance of department layouts, adjacencies, density, growth and collaborative space. OTJ Architects and engaged in a collaborative process through furniture showroom tours, mock-ups and three-dimensional renderings.

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Status: Built
Location: McLean, VA, US