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    Modern San Francisco Home

    By AwesomeArchitecture
    Dec 20, '12 10:12 PM EST

    The Glen Park Residence is a shining example of respectful modernism integrated into an established San Francisco neighborhood. The steeply sloped, compact site combines many of the challenges of infill development. A balanced massing, responsive to neighboring properties, promotes transparency, light, volume, views and outdoor space.


    • DreamFoster

      The house is absolutely beautiful, the space is so inviting

      Dec 22, 12 9:06 pm  · 
      drums please, Fab?

      and the glass floors? they simply leave me in awe.

      Dec 23, 12 12:01 pm  · 

      Agreed.  This house is beautiful.

      Dec 27, 12 8:38 am  · 

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