Miriam van der Waal

Miriam van der Waal

Seattle, WA, US


Defense Force Credit Union

The staff at Defense Force credit union were ecstatic upon relocating from their outdated high partitioned and dark office in to their new, modern and light filled work space. The office was located across two entire floors each having an area of 9600ft2. An important driver of my design was ensuring that natural light reached throughout the space. This was achieved through careful layout; positioning utilities, restrooms and copy rooms in the core of the building and setting workstations back from the windows so that everyone could share the views. The breakout area was positioned to ensure all day sun and incorporated areas for one on one meetings over coffee. The sleek and minimalist reception and the maroon company color accents throughout, epitomized the culture of this Australian Army Credit Union.

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Status: Built
Location: Melboure, Australia
My Role: Interior Designer, Decorator, Project Co-ordinator