Miriam van der Waal

Miriam van der Waal

Seattle, WA, US


Adconion Advertising Agency

The focus of my design for the 17,000ft2 Adconian project was to provide an open, collaborative and versatile work environment to complement this young, vibrant and growing advertising company. My design was able to reinvigorate the interior of this old heritage listed building and transform it in to a fresh, light and functional work environment. An essential element of advertising is creativity and innovation, in order to facilitate this, I incorporated fun, collaborative spaces into my design, that aimed at bringing team members together. A key feature of the design was the large breakout space which is the heart of the office. I designed the space to be versatile and provide the client with the ability to accommodate large staff functions and presentations as well as small meetings and places to enjoy lunch, socialize and play foosball. The layout was planned to maximize the natural light from the existing heritage protected light shafts and the furniture, fixtures and finishes were carefully selected to reflect the youthful bunch of eclectic and energetic people who work within this office.

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Status: Built
Location: Melbourne, Australia
My Role: Interior Designer, Decorator, Project Co-ordinator