Miaoxin Wang

Miaoxin Wang

San Luis Obispo, CA, US


West LA Campus

[Urban Planning Project ]

1,500,000 sqf total 

Google Office + Housings + Equinox Hotel + Commercial 

Replacing the current West Pavilion Shopping Mall, this project proposes a mix-use campus incluing a Google office complex, an Equinox Hotel, housings, transitional housings, shops, and restaurants.   A series of exercise that depoits linear geometries led to an organisation of various boomarangs that facilitate navigation through the site and formation of courtyards and plazas as active nodes of outdoor public space. 

[Housing Design Concept]

The design of housing explores alternatives to a typical single-loaded corridor by shifting stacks ofgeometries to create different layouts of units with balconies or larger rooms. The facade explores a hierarchical treatment inspired by lineweights in drawings to increase or decrease the perceived shape and transparency of the building. Housing also explores injected void that provides social space between buildings. 

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Instructor: Stephen Philips