Miaoxin Wang

Miaoxin Wang

San Luis Obispo, CA, US


Read on the wheels

A Forgotten Group in Cities

  In China, express delivery workers have became the human infrastructure that supports daily lives of millions of Chinese people today, known as Blue Riders. However, the conventional library space in cities became hardly accessible to this group of people who spent 10-12 hours on their scooters. 80% of Blue Riders came from rural villages with little education backgrounds, yet there is little effort in to design for their integration into the larger community. 
  For Blue Riders, scooters have become more than just a vehicle for transportation, but a new “territory” where they spent all day at. To empower them with more possibilities for social and education activities without leaving their new “territories” is the key to promoting their self-growth. A tiny library could adapt to a new typology and become more inclusive towards Blue Riders by creating space for them to access educational materials on their wheels, and also serve the larger community through programs such as consulting and book-reading seminars. 

  From a sample of Blue Riders selected randomly, 40% of them said they rarely had social interaction with other riders and people; 70% of them said the biggest obstacle to learning new things is lack of time and convenient access to materials. Proximites to business and roads matter to them, which led to the site choice.

  The site locates just outside the second ring of Beijiing, China.  It occupies the setback zones from two major streets in front of  a popular commercial block. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Beijing, CN
My Role: Designer