Michael Gustavson, Artist, Architect, Builder

Michael Gustavson, Artist, Architect, Builder



Folding Chair Art, for Ouch! The Folding Furniture Company

I was given the assignment to design a chair that folds flat, and can be opened with two hands in one swift movement.  If you take this piece of artwork off the wall and grab it in both hands you can pull your hands apart and everything will literally fall into place with a couple loud "whack!" sounds.  Peter Kramer the mastermind of Ouch! the folding furniture company has declared in his writings that the purpose of Ouch! is not to make furniture, but to inform.  Most importantly, don't let your finger get smashed!  The loud "WHACK" of the Goodman Chair brings an auditory component to the educational qualities of informative furniture.

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Status: Built
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US