Megan Roll

Megan Roll

Columbus, OH, US


Hospitality Design

The Hyatt Regency located in downtown Columbus, Ohio is a high end hospitality client.  For the renovation of their two presidential suites they wished to achieve an upscale aesthetic that still lends itself to the "transitional" style of it's Midwestern location.  To achieve this look, we utilized classic furniture pieces with beautiful wood detailing to give the space a feeling of warmth.  To give the space the updated look the client desired, we brought in clean lines and a neutral color scheme through the finishes, lighting and plumbing fixture selections.  Another major concern of the client was the durability of the furnishings.  To ensure the longevity of the quality furniture pieces selected, we added a stone or solid surface top to all tables.  Overall, we helped the Hyatt achieve the high-end look they are known for while ensuring they see a return on their investment for years to come.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Columbus, OH, US
My Role: Designer, specifier
Additional Credits: Continental Office Environments