Leon D. Peters

Leon D. Peters

Bloomfield, CT, US


rus cole school

The Rus Cole School is a new insertion which completes the concept of establishing a design district on campus.  The design school was determined to be erected based on the rising interest in fashion design and fashion merchandising.  The building is inspired by the modernist movement in the 70s; Brutalist Architecture.  Transitional movement is the concept derived to convey elegance, fluid motion and materiality.  Rus Cole School is based on a classical and modern traditional campus which upon the strong historical presence surrounding the site influenced the materiality of the buildings cladding.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
        —Ralph Lauren

Brutalist Architecture, although massive, bulky and strong, appears to be polar opposites with the subject of fashion but it actually shares common metaphorical relationship.  The bold extrusions commonly found on Brutalist structures often used to depict motion and fluidity much like the draping fabric used by a seamstress.  Aligning with the quote from notable fashion designer Ralph Lauren, fashion is what …comes from within you, and the Rus Cole School is a functional building that fosters creativity of its students.  Inspiring and encouraging students to create provocative forms and silhouettes which compliments the human for as architecture creates a comfort environment which supports human activity.

The facility holds a studios, textile labs, and sewing stations which exist within the two towers.  Both towers are connected with a recreational space for students to relax, social and congregate. The building also encourages ample natural light amongst various other amenities such as library, storage units and departmental store.  The departmental store allows student access to an in house location for fabric, thread and various other supplies.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hampton, VA, US
My Role: Designer